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Adjudications will happen approximately every 90-120 minutes. Special awards will be done in each section.

Standings will be announced in solo categories with 5 or more entries, and in all other categories with 2 or more entries.

Individual trophies/medals are given to each performer.


Total score will be the average of all judges, and will be final. Scores will go to 2 decimal points. Ties will be awarded as such and will be eligible for the “In The Moment Dance Off”. Video Judge will provide critiques after the event, and these will be available in your Dance Bug Portal.


Each adjudication will announce the high score for that session, as well as a daily high score.

Overalls will be presented in every Level and are dependent on the number of entries within the level and entry type. Top Moment of The Day will be awarded by judges and will be entered into the “In The Moment Dance-Off” This entry may or may not also be the high score of the day.


Overall high marks in each level and discipline will be awarded with a minimum registration reached. Top marks can be awarded from any entry type.


Soloists with 3 or more solos are eligible to enter our “Overall Excellence” Category. All performers who enter this will have their top 3 marks averaged and will place accordingly for an additional cash scholarship.


Choreography awards will also be announced within sessions, and at the end of the event.


Top Studio Awards:

Available to studios with a minimum of 20 entries in a Level, in a minimum of 3 disciplines total. Must be a minimum of 2 qualifying studios in each level for this to be awarded.


Overall Top Studio:

Awarded to the studio who as a minimum of 20 entries in 2 or more Levels within the event. A minimum of 3 disciplines must be entered for studios to qualify for Top Studio Level Awards, as well as Overall Top Studio.


Over the course of the event, marks will be tracked and posted in each level. The top 3 scores for each entry type, within each level will then be eligible to compete again for our Top Level Awards! Each studio will only be eligible for 1 entry, from each category and level of entry. Minimum registration is required for each dance-off to occur, and this will be communicated to you when the final schedule is sent. In addition to the high marks, the Judges Choice from their “Moment of the Day” selections will also participate.

These entries will be above and beyond the 1 allocated entry per studio in the event that a studio is awarded more than 1 spot.

A “Wild Card” entry will be drawn from the Top 10 marks within  each level (Placings 4-10 in the overall marks per level)

A minimum of 2 studios who qualify for the corresponding Level for Dance-Off will apply.



Level 1 Dance Off
Solos: Top 3 Ma

Duet/Trio: Top 3 Marks 

Groups (all sizes) Top 3 Marks

Plus! Any “Top Moment of The Day” selections that were not the high score recipient from that studio.

(2-3 entries depending on event. If the Top Moment of the Day is also the High Score, another entry will not be selected)

Plus! 1 Wild Card Entry done by draw. This entry will come from the Top 10 Marks in each level regardless of Category. (Placings 4-10 who did not qualify)

Maximum Entries per Dance Off (pending any ties) =13 entries per Level.

In each Level Dance Off, the Top 3 routines will be awarded cash scholarships. All entries compete together for these awards, and are not separated by entry type.

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